P.E.L (Perceptual Experience Lab)

The Perceptual Experience Lab (PEL) is a synthetic reality facility that emulates human perceptual experience through immersion, directional sound, smell, temperature and vision. It generates realistic simulations of real world environmental and social settings, enabling rich empirical research at fine grain detail.

PEL will combine the perception research being conducted in Fovolab with ethnography-based, prototype-centred empirical research methods of Professor Stephen Gill, Dr Gareth Loudon and Bethan Gordon. The facility is available to colleagues from across the University, and we are currently collaborating with members of different Schools and PDR to generate new experimental data.



Fovography® is a new visual language for describing how we see. It represents the world as we actually see it, not as cameras do, and is one of the most significant advances in depicting vi-sion since the development of linear perspective.

Fovography  is a powerful  way  of capturing  audience attention and  conveying a strong sense of depth  without the  need  for special  glasses  or expensive screens.  Fovographs can  also  con-vincingly represent the first person  perspective  and  record far more physical space  within a fixed picture area than normal photographs. Fovography is particularly suited to applications like  commercial  photography,  retail  imaging,  promotion  and  advertising.  In  fact,  it  can  be used in any situation where  high  visual impact and immediate audience  engagement are  de-sirable.

The  effectiveness  of  fovographs  lies  not  only  in  the  way  the  images  are  shot  and  processed but also in the way they are displayed. There are multiple display options available to suit dif-ferent   environments.   Fovographs   can   be   presented   in   light-boxes,   large   format   high-resolution  prints,  video  screens  in  high  definition  and  ultra  high  definition,  front  and  rear video projection, in animations as well as through traditional print and electronic media.

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